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Terms & Conditions, Refund & Collection Policies

By ordering through 'The Organic Collective' you are agreeing to abide by the following Terms & Conditions:



If the produce I receive does not match my quality expectations:

1. Photograph the item(s) and send as an attachment to within 12 hours of receiving the item.

2. We will then consult with you based upon the information you provide us as to the procedure and/or outcome.  This may result in a partial or full refund or credit towards future orders.


For any items ordered that were not able to be sourced or supplied on the day, we will process a refund or offer a credit towards other produce available at our retail store for the amount you have paid.

Please notify The Organic Collective team immediately of any items that are missing during pick-up.  If produce or goods that you ordered are missing we will process a refund or credit for the value of the missing produce.


Due to the nature of ordering from wholesalers, which we will do for some or all produce depending on the season, we reserve the right to charge or refund differences in pricing based upon weight differences that may occur (for example with pumpkins which vary greatly in weight) OR if items become unavailable as ordered but substitutions may be made with the wholesaler to ensure we can fill your order with a similar produce item.

We also reserve the right to make substitutions on your behalf for orders you have made up to an increase in price per item or per kg to a limit of 25% greater than that charged. We will then, at pick-up, notify you of the extra we will charge you for items supplied. If we substitute for a cheaper item then we will issue a refund or credit at pick-up.

Due to the nature of our unique offering and to ensure our members don't miss out on produce becoming unavailable at the last minute, we reserve the right to substitute produce with similar items (If available) within a 25% price variation. This may include for example, roma tomatoes for round tomatoes or orange carrots for purple carrots and so on.

If you would like to ensure exact items you desire are available then you may instead purchase each week at our retail Rusty's Market Stall. The pricing on these items however are higher than that offered on our website due to the higher costs associated with offering such a service.


Refunds for orders made any week are not possible after orders have closed for that week and it remains your responsibility to collect your produce items at the designated pick-up location, within the designated pick-up times.


Refunds for cancelled orders will be processed ONLY when requested before close of orders that week (currently Wednesday 12pm), less a $5 cancelation fee.


Alternatively we may defer your order, with your approval, to a future week. This request must still be made PRIOR to close of orders (Tuesday 2pm). Simply email us with the order # from your confirmation email and let us know which week you would like to defer to.

This may be done to


We DO NOT deliver


All orders made via our website require collection.

By ordering through our website you acknowledge this.



I agree to pick-up (collect) my order within the designated pick-up times from the designated pick-up location as advised on the The Organic Collective website and as acknowledged during the checkout process.


Exceptions may be considered outside of these times after contacting The Organic Collective Team and only and in exceptional circumstances.

We are unable to hold stock on your behalf and take no responsibility for the deterioration of your produce if collected on your behalf by another party.


Upon ordering you accept that food that is not picked up (collected) during the designated pick-up day and times, will be donated to volunteers helping that day.


If you are unable to collect your order at the designated pick-up location during the designated pick-up times then please arrange for someone else to do so for you, providing them with your full name and order number.


We are not responsible for your items once they have been collected unless it falls within the quality control & refunds policy above.


Payments must be made at the time of ordering. Please ensure you receive a confirmation email from The Organic Collective. This is your receipt and proof of purchase.


Please note that purchases will be listed as 'The Organic Collective' on your bank statement depending on your means of payment. 


ALL items are quoted & transactions charged in Australian Dollars (AUD$).


This online merchant ‘Paradise Earth Foundation’ trading as 'The Organic Collective'

(including our website are located in Australia.


We are unfortunately not able to receive orders after our order closing times.


We reserve the right to refuse sale to individuals as we see fit.



The Organic Collective (including this website) is a not-for-profit project of ‘Paradise Earth Foundation’ a not-for-profit, non-government, private foundation. Any surplus, in accordance with our Articles of Association, is used to further support the objectives and projects of Paradise Earth Foundation.




Phone: 0402 459 778

Address: Rusty's Market, 57-89 Grafton Street, Cairns, QLD 4870

Postal: PO Box 7344, Cairns QLD 4870

E-mail: /


– Updated February 2022 -

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